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Recording Treff with Patrick Beck

A sustainable evening with Patrick Beck. He has now two years of experience with induction forging. He uses both a Chinese (1 phase) and French (3 phase, 16A) made device.


Theorem: Induction forging is the future for blacksmiths

Mainly for two reasons:

  1. It is much less harmful to the environment than coal or gas heating. At least when you use renewable energy. Electricity from coal or gas still burns fossil fuel and is not sustainable.
  2. The biggest advantage of induction forging is the time saving. Once the devices are installed, you can get started within seconds with the push of a button.


With induction forging, there is a relationship between the dimensions of your material and the diameter of the coil. When your workpiece becomes wider due to forging, and it no longer fits in the coil, it makes sense to exchange the coil for a larger one. That takes no more than 1 minute of work.

Induction ovens can also be used for heating thin sheet material, but this is very difficult because the sides might be burning before the center has working temperature

If one does not have a proper size coil, one can use the inductive field around the coil. But heating is not efficient If it happens outside the coil. But it might get you out of an emergency.

Many practical questions have been asked, the answers of which can be seen on YouTube.


Patrick found 13 engaged listeners from 6 countries with whom he shared his experiences.


Enjoy Patrick‘s presentation on YouTube!

The next Treff is on December 12.
Start: 19.00 CET
Room Open: 18.40 CET