von Emil Otto Geiß

The ASG presents in Blacksmith – Connect

The preparations for Blacksmith - Connect are growing strong and we announce the participant Ambachtelijke Smedersgilde van Belgie vzw.

The Secretary of this association, mr. Louis De Pooter, will inform us about the latest good-will project of the blacksmiths guild.
It concerns a gift to the organization of a care institution that arose from the activities of the unions in dock labour in 1922. So called: De Belgische transportarbeidersbond en de vzw Heropbeuring.
(free translated: The Belgian transport workers' union and the non-profit organization Heropbeuring).(Heropbeuring is a typical Flemish word without a synonym but in it it has terms of comfort, something that gives someone strength and courage after a disappointment).

Initially built a residential facility for the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the organization. And is known under the name De Mick.

Mr. Louis De Pooter will explain the the design and development of a sculpture as a gift in honor of this centenary. The lecture is in Dutch but will be translated into English/German by Paul Vos.

There is still space for more presenters. Therefore, if you have a charity project, let us know. We would highly appreciate to give space for showing it and inspiring fellows smiths.
You are planning an event on these days with which you want to join the Stream? This is awesome too.
To participate, please send an e-mail to blacksmithswithoutborders@gmail.com. The e-mail should include:
• Your Name
• The name of your association if there is
• The country and timezone you will in be during the event
• If you organize a local event at which time and where, so we can publish it
• If you want to give a presentation, tell us who presents about which project
The Blacksmiths Without Borders Team is looking forward to getting in touch with you