von Emil Otto Geiß

Blacksmith - Connect

In preparation of Blacksmith – Connect, we want to introduce you our participants.

Today we will have a look on our colleague in Romania.

The Frenchman Adrien Corbin works in Romania. He works on a project that is called "Battem Fierul la Conac!” This project is an alliance of two associations that are working with this project to preserve wrought iron on old estates.

The project brings together ironworkers and architects, so it boards the horizon of the participants. The students can take part via the European-Erasmusprogramme.


Adrien presents on Saturday, the 20th August at 13:00 UTC+2. We are looking forward to his presentation and your visit.


There is space for more presenters. Therefore, if you have a charity project, let us know. We would highly appreciate to give space for showing it and inspiring fellows smiths.

You are planning an event on these days with which you want to join the Stream? This is awesome too.

To participate, please send an e-mail to blacksmithswithoutborders@gmail.com. The e-mail should include:
• Your Name
• The name of your association, if there is
• The country and timezone you will in be during the event
• If you organize a local event at which time and where, so we can publish it
• If you want to give a presentation, tell us who presents about which project

The Blacksmiths Without Borders Team is looking forward to getting in touch with you