von Patrick Beck

Forging Through Time 2023

After the big success of the “Forging Through Time” Blacksmith event 2021 we want to do it another time. The event is a cooperation between

the Belgian ASG (Ambachtelijke Smedersgilde van België vzw) https://smedersgilde.be/  and

the American CBA (California Blacksmith Association) https://www.calsmith.org/  and

BWB (Blacksmiths Without Borders) https://blacksmithswithoutborders.com/home.html .

Our goal is to have smiths from different time zones in the world participating and exchanging knowledge and skills through practice.

The Theme is “Stretching time”

As a participant you are asked to create a piece according to the theme “stretching time”. How you interpret the topic is up to you. You can use whichever material you want. All techniques of working metal are fine to use. We highly encourage forging to be part of the process. The timeframe for the project is 3 hours.

The event will take place on the 14.th October 2023 via Zoom. On that date all participating smiths start at 14.00 o’clock in their own timezone. This means if Germans would want to see how a smith in Finland works on the piece, they have to be online at 13.00 o’clock in Germany.

During the creation process one has to have a camera filming the workshop. A laptop computer or a handheld mobile device that links into Zoom works.

This will be streamed to the other participants in the videochat. Probably you have already some experience with videoconferences. If not you can find suggestions how to videostream from your workshop on the events facebook page.


We ask all participants to take pictures of their finished pieces. These will be published on the Forging Through Time Facebook Page, either during the event or soon after. We will link to your website or social media profile. Selected pictures will be published in the California Blacksmith (Magazine of the CBA),“De Klinknagel” (Magazine of the ASG) and in the trade magazine Hephaistos. To show your work in the best possible way we recommend that you take your pictures with as good quality as possible and proper lighting.

How to register

To organize the event in the best possible way, we ask the participants to register beforehand. To do so please send an email to forgingthroughtime@gmail.com and include

  • your name,
  • if you have, your business name,
  • website or social media links and
  • your country and timezone (for example in GTM format).

We will publish a list of the participants on the events Facebook Page.

The link to the event is https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85097433801?pwd=UlZiaWw3ZnZqVWgzeVZReVJITys5UT09

(Meeting-ID: 850 9743 3801, Code: 548173)


We are looking forward to your Participation,


The Forging Through Time Team 2023