von Patrick Beck

Next Monday Treff with Christoph Küllinger

Next Monday 11.09.2023 at 19.00 CEST the Treff will be held by Christoph Küllinger. He will talk about ergonomics in the blacksmith workshop, especially tooling.

Please post questions during the Treff into the chat. At the end of the presentation, the questions will be answered. This way, it will be easier to answer all the questions.

The Treff after this one will be held on 16.th October.

Everyone is welcome. Looking forward to a wonderful evening together!


In case you are missing the previous Treff recordings, we are still looking for a new video editor. If you are interested yourself in joining this project and have video editing skills, please write us an e-mail.


You can find the link to Christophs Treff on the Upcoming Treffs page.

Starting time: 19.00 CEST

Room open: 18.45 CEST