von Patrick Beck

Next Monday Treff with Gijs van der Velden

Next Monday 12.12.2022 at 19.00 CET the Treff will be held by Gijs van der Velden. Gijs van der Velden from MX3D will talk about 3D printing steel.

Please post questions during the Treff into the chat. At the end of the presentation, the questions will be answered. This way, it will be easier to answer all the questions.

The Treff after this one will be held on 23.01.2022.

Everyone is welcome. Looking forward to a wonderful evening together!


Room: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85113806240?pwd=L2lRSGx1dlYzdTZuRnNCdEU0aHM0dz09


Meeting-ID: 851 1380 6240
Kenncode: 958511

Starting time: 19.00 CET

Room open: 18.40 CET