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Recording online Treff with Kasper Siderius

Where brain power and material power ultimately meet

Something completely different from our traditional metal craft. A brief introduction to the possibilities of metal printing by Kasper from the Dutch company MX3D.

Anything is possible with metal printing. Where our traditional craft sometimes imposes restrictions on us in design and the realization of those forms, this is not the case with metal printing. The most challenging shapes can be designed using algorithms *.

Through the classic metal casting of a complex shape designed using CAD, the company has switched to 3D printing. The desire to be able to realize complex shapes in metal was hampered by the existing limitations in the manufacture of complex casting molds. When they succeeded in printing very complex shapes in 3D metal, the entrepreneurs had to look for a way to prove to the market the practical and economic applicability of the technique.

This was done by developing and realizing a metal-printed bridge in Amsterdam that can be seen and used. Most convincing that the technology works because this is a public work that is used daily by 10-thousands of visitors because the bridge is purposefully placed in an environment where there is a lot of slow traffic. Center of Amsterdam. A big success. This success has meanwhile led to the technology being embraced by many leading market parties.

Developments are not standing still, and the company can now supply any shape in any type of printed metal. There is a very wide product range in all layers of construction and industry. The company focuses on complex issues and their solutions and does not see the regular, standardized product industry as their competitor.

Statement: This technique is complementary to our traditional craft !!

Kasper found 10 engaged listeners from 7 countries with whom he shared his experiences.

Enjoy the presentation on YouTube! The images speak for themselves.


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* Algorithm: An algorithm is like a recipe for solving math or computer problems from a given initial state to an intended end, and consists of a finite set of unambiguously defined instructions.