von Paul Vos

Recording Treff with Beth Holmberg

As announced, Beth Holmberg would take us along in her method to create scrolls and her fundamentals for hand scrolling and share tips how to get better scrolls. And that is exactly what she did!

After an explanation of the basic principles for making scrolls, including the choice of shape: arithmetic or geometric, the fundamentals about the hammer technique to be used and the use of local heating followed. Heat where you want to bend. The mantra for hammering is: Hammer over air! Off anvil edge!

Beth is very critical of the use of bending tools. It is better to first use eye-brain and hand and then use tools after experience. And to create a nicely shaped fishtail, it is important to always keep the peen of the hammer parallel to the central axis of the rod. There are many forms of scrolls and Beth has explained a few of them in more detail. For instance, the beveled scroll and the blown-over leaf scroll.


The listeners/viewers were hooked and this presentation leaves you wanting more. Beth's advice: Go practice!! There was a very active listening audience from 7 nationalities on 3 continents, all together 23 Practicing Blacksmiths.

Enjoy the view of Beth‘s presentation on YouTube!