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Recording Treff with Flavio Parra Ortiz

Flavio shares his experiences in his way of making human images and how to get to the right proportions. His starting position:

"What your eyes find beauty is what is related with ourselves, our soul and emotions."

Through a tour of the fields of nature, where many of the mutual proportions are fixed in spirals, the classical proportions of Fibonacci’s teachings, the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence appear in the most unexpected places, he arrives at the contemporary.


The Golden Ratio / Rectangle

Why do we find a certain person more beautiful than another? It seems like a strange question, but it's actually not that strange. There is evidence that we like certain shapes and proportions more than others.


His tips:

  • Define the size of the head to define everything else.
  • Sculpturing is not a race. Stay relaxed when working on your artwork. It is certain that when you are tense, it is reflected in what you do. With your sculpture, you communicate with the viewer. Most communication is non-verbal and the admirer recognizes emotions in the finished piece.


Flavio gave us some interesting reference book titles that are very inspiring to him:

  • The Human figure in motion - Eadweard Muybridge

  • Anatomy for Sculptors - Uldis Zarins

  • The blacksmith’s project book / Progetti Di Forgiatura - Antonello Rizzo


The question of why there are so many spirals in nature remains unanswered.

One statement has been given:

Nature spirals because of always uneven cell growth.

And in the beginning a bridge was already built to the golden ratio.

The golden ratio is used everywhere, in art, photography and architecture. You can even find them in a PlayStation console. It indicates the ultimate ratio of beauty and harmony. Somehow, we experience this ratio as perfection and reflect our aesthetic preference.

But there must be a deeper explanation.


Flavio found 13 listeners from 6 countries with whom he shared his experiences.

Enjoy the view of Flavio's presentation on YouTube.

You can watch a pdf of his presentation here.


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