von Patrick Beck

Recording Treff with Heather Mc Larty

Heather described the techniques for folding and finishing annealed copper sheet. The copper plate can be created with all kinds of smart applications, from folding technology to the most spatial shapes and jewelry.

Her tip is to prepare the desired shapes in paper to prepare for the development of your ideas, so that you know which hurdles you have to overcome when working the copper. It resembles the precision of origami. Beautiful effects are achieved when you hammer the edges of the workpieces.

You can create any desired fold line on the copper surface with a string or iron wire that you tape to the surface in the desired shape. Then hammering it into the material creates a soft fold line where the material bends easier. Smaller workpieces can be consolidated by soldering (use copper solder wire), riveting or otherwise mechanically.

One of the nicest conclusions of the lecture is that you can, process 18 gauge (1.2 mm) annealed copper plate by hand into the most appealing shapes.


Heather found 11 active listeners from 7 countries with whom she shared her experience in practicing this technique as a profession.

Enjoy the view of Heather's presentation, with many enlightening photos and drawings on YouTube!