von Patrick Beck

Recording Treff with Zachary Aubin

A lecture on blueing steel by Zach Aubin from Finland.

Blueing steel is one of those techniques that were and are used to show iron and steel its most beautiful side. The technique is also called Rust Blueing or Positive Rusting.

And also this technique brings the images patternwelded steel to life.

Zachary Aubin found 16 active listeners from 11 countries with whom he shared his many years of experience in practicing this technique as a profession.
Listeners from Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States of America.

The technique is based on processing steel with different substances, heat and oil. Lots of oil. Any type of oil can be used. Trial and error makes which may be your personal preferred choice.

The step of heating to approx. 50 °C should not be skipped as it is essential process for color formation. Heating/boiling makes the change : Fe2O3 -> Fe3O4

The lecture concluded with a lively discussion and many questions. Watch the film for yourself and find the information you are looking for with the answers.

Enjoy the view of Zach‘s presentation on YouTube!


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