von Patrick Beck

Schedule for Blacksmith – Connect

Thank you to everyone who has registered for Blacksmith – Connect by now. Thank you for all the good feedback and great support.

Next Saturday the event will take place, so far we have the following presentations scheduled:

Timeslot UTC + 2 (CEST)


20. Aug at 10:00 UTC+2

BWB Team

20. Aug at 13:00 UTC+2

Adrien Corbin

20. Aug at 19:00 UTC+2

Flavio Parra Ortiz

21. aug at 0:00 UTC + 2

Kirk McNeill

21. Aug at 9:00 UTC+2

Jürgen Berens

21. Aug at 14:00 UTC+2



You can find out more about each presenter by checking the previous news. The schedule might still change, we have some more presenters we need to find a time slot with.


To join the event, log in to Zoom with the following data:

Room https://us06web.zoom.us/j/93993963214?pwd=QmI5Z1dtVm1QdHpHNFNaWmF4NHBvQT09

Meeting-ID: 939 9396 3214

Kenncode: 422638


If you want to still register for a presentation or have questions about the event, contact us at blacksmithswithoutborders@gmail.com