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Support Ukraine: "Grain of life"

This information about the exhibition reached us via e-mail. Congratulations to the collegues in Ukraine.

Collection of bronze sculptures
The author of the collection is Koval Talisman

The project should provide the observer with a new visual experience that will give hope for the restoration of peaceful life, restoration of the country, restoration of the mental state of the entire nation. The project will present the consumer of the visual image with a new synergy of thoughts, which will be based on the reinterpreted grief and pain of loss, and at the same time build a new perspective. This perspective based on strong and bright feelings, love for one's country, people, strength of spirit, indomitability, unity. The people who won and united the whole world.

Зерно Життя / Grain of Life

With this work, I want to provoke the observer to think - what is the force that fights for survival. In this work, I want to present a new visual image to inspire/encourage the idea of rebirth, overcoming, the victory of life and humanity over aggression and war.

Серце героя / Heart of Hero

In the bronze sculpture "Heart of the Hero of Azov" I embodied the image of an individual memorial.
An object whose shape does not convey the emotions of pity, oppression, and turmoil inherent in monuments to heroes.

This is a mini copy of a large sculpture.

I want the moment when the hero's mother receives this sculpture, and finds the best place to install it in her home. She remembered love, warmth. She felt proud and filled her memories only with positive moments.

We are a nation that has a lot to do with our consciousness in the future. And together we must start it today.
With love to our children.

Переродження / Rebirth

A stork with its head raised to the sun looks into the clear sky. His body is intertwined with the bicuspid, just as our cultural heritage permeates our present. Bident - the princely symbol of Svyatoslav the Brave, is an image of spring lightning and the forces of nature, which in spring start new life.

Spring comes to earth from the wings of a stork, heralding joy and happiness. Long ago, this bird symbolized love for father and mother, who blessed this world. And that is why it is a symbol of procreation, family well-being and love for the native land.

These two symbols in combination are an image that gives us a wide field for thinking about the future of the nation. Rebirth, where we Ukrainians transformed our identity.

Apple of knowledge / Яблуко пізнання

Thinking about what is the quintessence of life, what forms and symbols can be used to express thought, I found an apple.
A strong, deep and multifaceted symbol. Our ancestors believed that the apple is a symbol of knowledge of good and evil. It is knowledge and identification of good that drives the development of life. Having a firm and clear understanding of moral and human rules of life, we can live on the same planet.
In the film "Earth" by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, apples in an apple orchard are used as a symbol of the continuation of life.
The film proves that for the sake of future happiness, the chain of bloody revenge is finally broken - the killer is left alone, but at the same time he has nowhere to hide from human contempt, the earth itself does not accept him.

The project of creating a collection of bronze sculptures "Grain of Life" was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
Using these symbols of ancestors, I worked for a long time on creating a living image of the new history of Ukrainian society. Which lives in a clean open world, possessing the forces of nature, creates a new stage of development - sowing the seeds of life.

Koval Talisman - the author of the collection "Grain of Life".