von Patrick Beck

Support Ukraine: “Embossing of an acanthus leaf"

This event invitation reached us today from the Ukrainian Blacksmith Association:

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a media project with a series of charity workshops, where artists from around the world will hold an online event to demonstrate their skills.
We will be glad to see you as our audience. If you can hold your own charity master class and be a speaker, be sure to email us.

We are building a strong creative community for peace all over the world!

The third master class will be held by Adrien Corbin, a French blacksmith who now lives in Romania and works in the atelier Batem fierul la conac. The artist has prepared a detailed master class on stamping and lifting techniques on sheet metal, and will demonstrate the production of acanthus leaves step by step.

According to artist Adrien Corbin, "Participating in this project for me is a desire to transfer practical knowledge and promote what we do in Romania. It is an opportunity for me as an individual to help Ukrainian society in need. It means helping humanity and contributing to me to build peace. "


Link to the event on Facebook

The event will take place next Saturday, 07/05/2022 at 15:00 UTC.
This is a great opportunity to touch the world's treasury of art, to contribute to building peace and preserving cultural heritage.

Master class is a charity event!
You can choose the amount of the donation and transfer it to the official accounts of the organization. After payment, write to us and we will send you an access link for the online event.
Funds from the donations will go to support the Ukrainian art community and overcome the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

How to join:
1) Fill out the application: forms.gle/n4ukA2cS4iiyM2Ep7
2) Make your donation - the size at your discretion. We will send you a login link.
3) Develop your skills and build peace with us!


We also can send additional information and posters in different dimensions, if you ask.


Have a nice day!

From Ukraine with best wishes!