von Emil Otto Geiß

Update Blacksmith - Connect

Dear colleagues,

thank you for all the positive feedback about this years annual event Blacksmith – Connect. We want to give you a brief update. So far we have the following registrations for Blacksmith – Connect:



We are very pleased with the registration of Jürgen Berens from Kail. Germany who will speak about his project "Herzen für die Flutopfer" and the "Schmiedeeisener Herzensbaum der Solidarität".


The National Union of Artists of Metal Art from Ukraine has registered too.They plan to organize a special event, something around the theme of the Independence Day of Ukraine, which will be on August 24, 2022. Additionally they want to present their media project "Save Metal Art" and share experiences of how we involve the art community in learning, contributing and helping the Ukrainian community in crisis.


Adrien Corbin, a French blacksmith working in Romania will talk about their project “Battem Fierul la Conac!“ which mean “Hit iron at the manor!“. Two associations that work for conserved Romanian heritage of architecture and craft. They are working for architecture cabinets in Bucharest and it’s also a school for Romanian students and French traveler with Erasmus.


There is space for more presenters. Therefore if you have a charity project, let us know. We would highly appreciate to give space for showing it and inspiring fellows smiths.

You are planning an event on these days with which you want to join the Stream? This is awesome too.

To participate, please send an e-mail to blacksmithswithoutborders@gmail.com. The e-mail should include:

  • Your Name
  • The name of your association if there is
  • The country and timezone you will in be during the event
  • If you organize a local event at which time and where so we can publish it
  • If you want to give a presentation tell us who presents about which project


The Blacksmiths Without Borders Team is looking forward to getting in touch with you.