Donate to the project

Since 2020 we have now been working on the Blacksmiths without Borders project. Lots of effort went into it and lots of time volunteered by the team, the presenters and the participants.

As every other project we have running costs. We had several trials to cover them with buttons and alike, but we think we need to switch to something more calculateable.


The running costs are basically the webserver and the Zoom account. Depending on the need and how much donations come together, we will use the donations to improve Blacksmiths without Borders and services arround keeping the project alive.

We are planning to publish anually how much was donated and how much was spend. We think this helps keeping trust in our project. After doing some research we decided to choose KoFi for handling donations. It offers donators the possibility to donate via multiple ways and offers us a clear way for bookkeeping.


The project will stay open to everyone. The founding idea of this project was to support knowledge exchange across borders and we do not want finances to become a border.


You can donate on our Ko-fi page Donting should be easily possible from whereever in the world you are.


Thank you.