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Recording online Treff with Kasper Siderius

Recording online Treff with Rafael Luna Atoc

Next Monday Treff with Rafael Luna Atoc

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Welcome - Willkommen - Tervetuloa - Welkom - Bienvenido

We want to support blacksmiths around the world to become better in the craft and make contacts with other smiths. To do so you find the following pages on this website:

The Toolbox is a collection of documentations how to make Blacksmith tools. If you are missing a tool or a documentation just contact us and send your documentation. We have also some supporting pages on how to make a documentation.

The Treff is an online meeting which happens approximately once per month. During the Treff is first a presentation with a question round and afterwards open chat amongst like minded colleagues.

We are organizing an one event per year where people can work together, make and strengthen connections.

You are invited to participate. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.